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The 1975 Vintage

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About the 1975 vintage

1975 Vintage Port :

1975-vintage-portThe 1975 vintage port declaration came shortly after the 1974 revolution. Under pressure of nationalisation, the port shippers were keen to show what was possible after a run of weak vintages. Whilst the ports are not in the same league as the other 70's declarations like the 1970 or the 1977, they have stood up well and represent a superb quality vs price ratio. Recent tastings have demonstrated that the best are elegant and a pleasure to drink. The wines are now fully mature, with the top producers producing good '75s that will grow old gracefully. They are elegant, fruity and well balanced but not big. A port from 1975 would make an excellent 45 year old wine gift for a birthday or anniversary.

1975 Italian :

The 1975 is widely regarded as an excellent vintage for Tuscany. The wines are generally big on alcohol, colour, extract and acidity. 1975 is remembered for the extremely hot and dry summer which produced grapes of high concentration, although the harvest in Tuscany was complicated by late rainfall. 1975 was without a doubt the outstanding Brunello vintage of the decade and in the opinion of many producers one of the all time greats. The best wines in Chianti were very good indeed.

1975 Bordeaux :

The summer months were hot and, initially, dry. Despite storms in August, good weather was restored through September and October, permitting the harvest to go on uninfluenced by rain. The wines on release were incredibly tannic yet were intensely fruity and rich. This has mellowed somewhat over 40+ years of cellaring leaving excellent examples of wines that will last well into the future.